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Super rare 1960s deadstock white tab levi's twills

Super rare 1960s deadstock white tab levi's twills

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Super rare 1960s deadstock white tab levi's twills…Sunshine gang or strawberry fields? Which is your favourite tribe. The colour on these fab twills are so vibrant with all original Levi card labelling intact. One of each colour available. This is a rare opportunity to own a totally unworn and original Levi product that dates back to the 1960s. These 'White tab' twills are a collectors dream and much rarer than the later orange and red tabs of the famous Levi Brand.

Measurements: Waist 27", Hip 30.5", Inside leg: 28". All measurements taken directly from the actual garment and not the labelling. They are cotton twill. Woven. No stretch. Please ensure that you carefullly check your own body measurments prior to ordering. Excellent unworn quality, there are a number of surface marks visible on the twill fabric on both colourways, most likely due to over 50 years in storage. They could be washed and freshened up if you want to wear these fab twills. Please note that I have not washed these due to them being original deadstock ensuring they maintain their original heritage and origins for their new owner.

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