Our story

Welcome to the eclectic vintage boutique of Amermani’s attic ……'A moongazing seeker of celestial vintage grooves and one-of-a-kind treasures'. My name is Raquel, and I am the proud, one- women owner of this unique vintage treasure trove. I lovingly source and curate vintage and antique fashion collections, accessories and collectibles, choosing quality over quantity. Amermani’s attic is forged from a lifelong love affair with vintage and sustainability choosing a slower fashion ethos that promotes walking gently on the earth but does not compromise fashion choices. Amermani’s attic is all about celebrating individuality and inclusivity. Mother earth loving vibes smashing through an over saturated fast-fashion world one piece of vintage at a time! There is always something magical when you source that individual piece that holds a thousand stories from a pre-loved life. True vintage and antique pieces that sing to the soul!

Stars aligned……

My past life I studied a degree in fashion design then moving and grooving onto  showcasing at London fashion week, a hand-made collection of eco clothing (radiance doesn’t come in a jar!) that focused on eco fabrics and my own hand-made organic wool felted clothing pieces. My journey continued weaving a colourful, vibrant, and exciting path where I worked as a fashion designer and stylist. Vintage has and continues to be a way of life and part of my personal ethos…. not new to me… a reconnection! When I created Amermani’s attic in 2019 it was initially about me down-sizing some of my personal collections of many beautiful vintage, radical 60’s & 70’s psychedelic pieces and antique clothing that I have collected over the years……I rocked up at my first vintage fair! Amermani's attic continues to rock vintage fairs up and down the land.. vintage road trip vibes! .You could say it was a little hobby that has organically formed over time…… a free-spirited love affair! Amermani’s attic is about evoking free thinking fashion choices. I source all my unique pieces from across the land and always from the heart…I Love colourful bold prints, psychedelic grooves, handmade elements, and a quintessential quirky uniqueness. I love the shape, forms and styles that different eras capture. I love the unique stories of each piece. I love, love, love vintage velvet, crochet, antique lace and handmade elements, a strong desire to recycle, reuse, repair, remake and revamp over a throw away and over produced ethos of fast fashion. Amermani’s attic is all about a continuation of my love, passion and commitment to slow fashion and sustainable fashion choices whilst offering affordable true vintage that is inclusive and accessible for all.

Amermani loves...

Clothing that enhances self-expression and vintage flair…whether it’s true to form vintage style, quirky, colourful, fun, head turning pieces that echo subcultures of the past, or slow fashion revolutions that evoke free spirits, always sustainable, accessible and an ethical fashion choice that promotes small unique business in a world that wants to make you like everyone else. There are no fashion rules here, no restraints. Amermani’s attic is about going with your own vintage flow and choosing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that don’t cost the earth in an ever-changing climate. Whatever your vibe, grooves on grooves, radical or classic true to form vintage that holds a nostalgia elegance from head to toe. We have some truly unique beautiful items from a range of eras spanning from Victorian 1900-1980’s. Amermani loves mixing up eras, having fun with vintage fashion, playing around with styles and making it your own, a big focus on bold prints of the 60’s & 70’s, psychedelic grooves mixed in with classic shapes, cuts and silhouettes of the 20’s/30’s & 50’s. Some rare, designer and collectible pieces in the flow. Sustainable fashion choices that allow you to mix up eras and make vintage your own. Why wear vintage from one era when you can create your own unique style and look mixing up the decades. Have fun with vintage! Play around with colour & textures! Blend or clash? It’s in the finer detailing…create your own individuality and vintage flair. Free thinking? Vintage curious? Fancy a vintage adventure? Come and join the ride …. You’re always welcome! Amermani’s attic vintage boutique is a safe space for all…. just add your own beautiful self!

You can join us out on the road, under the rainbow at live vintage fairs and ‘pop’ up events throughout the year. Check out my vintage road trip dates here and over on my Instagram account.

Love to chat…link in via email on our contact us page, for questions, styling information and potential collaborations or if you are looking to sell your vintage treasures.

Big Love, Amermani’s attic x