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1950's I'm a little Teapot Bag!

1950's I'm a little Teapot Bag!

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1950s teapot bag. Aztec pattern design to both sides…. Beautiful shape with silver metal handle and trim…. I love the origins of these pieces... Do you know the history of this unusual vintage piece of history?…. These unique bags originally date back as far as Victorian times when friends would, 'carry' tea over to friends to share a cup of your finest. This version is most likely from the 1950s or early 60s and has the original deep padding on the inside. You could of course still drop by to a friend's with your own teapot snuggled nicely intact in this piece if you wish!  Work's super well today to carry your valuables and looks great as an everyday bag or for stashing your goods for stays... Make everyday a teapot vibe!... Let's face it all your valuables including your mobile phone would be very cosy and safe being carried in this stylish piece!

Fabric: outer woven, inner satin lined, most likely polyester,

Dimensions: 14" x 11", 8" depth at fullest.

Excellent quality. All outer fabric beautiful, a very small mark  visible (on the inside )to the bottom of the inner satin lining.

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